Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A 'Cunning Plan' to Lead Million+

Word has just reached Fundermentals Towers that Million+ has taken the brave decision to put Baldrick in charge. Well, not Baldrick so much as the actor Tony Robinson who played the hapless character. What could possibly go wrong?

Any resemblance to Prof Dave Phoenix, VC of London South Bank University, is, of course, entirely coincidental.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Success Rates and Scratch Cards

Revealed: the design of the new Je-S form
At the end of last month I wrote a piece on my blog about the success rate of applications submitted to the Economic and Social Research Council in July. Of 144 applications submitted, only 14 awards were made, giving a success rate of 10 per cent.

This is a frightening figure. It suggests that we’re getting to lottery levels of success when applying to the research councils. In fact, the ESRC odds are half those you have on a Health Lottery scratch card, which suggests most universities have got their research funding strategies all wrong.