Friday, 27 February 2015

Modern Balboas

Balboa. But not the Rocky one
Last week I gave a talk on using social media to support research development at an Association of Research Managers and Administrators training event. The keynote speaker was Andy Miah, professor of science communication and digital media at the University of Salford. His talk was inspiring, exhilarating—and terrifying. He made us all feel like Vasco Balboa, the first European to see the Pacific. The ocean's vast, uncharted waters lay before us, and its huge, untapped potential was awe-inspiring as it glistened in the sunlight.

Most of us have only paddled in the shallows of social media, but Miah exhorted us to cast off from the safety of the shore and head to the deeps. To feel the terror of drowning, before bobbing to the surface and enjoying the freedom of the medium. "If you’re not overwhelmed, you haven’t been paying attention," said Miah. It will be overwhelming and it will be terrifying, but ultimately we all have to take the plunge. The world is changing.

The Future's Orange

Exciting news from the BBSRC. Apparently Bargain Hunt presenter David Dickinson is the Government's 'preferred candidate' as next Chair of the Council.

We couldn't be happier. With a bobby dazzler like him at the helm, the future looks golden. Or at least orange.

Any similarity to Sir Gordon 'not the beer' Duff is entirely coincidental.