Monday, 5 December 2016

Using Social Media to Support your Research

I’ve written before about social media, and about some of the sessions we’ve run on research and social media (such as those led by Nadine Muller and Becky Higgitt), but there seems to be an insatiable appetite amongst academics to understand them better, to participate fully and - in time - benefit from them.

The Early Career Researcher Network session in Medway on Wednesday went some way towards satisfying this demand. It was led by three academics from very diverse disciplines, who together gave an overview of the way in which social media can be used to talk about your research and engage with others beyond your School, to recruit research participants and manage a project, and to disseminate research, track impact, and improve citations.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Finding Partners outside of Academia

Wednesday 14th Dec, 2pm
Canterbury Campus, Room TBC

Working with those beyond academia has become increasingly important in recent years: forming strong, productive links with non-academics helps to develop, inform and disseminate your research. But how should you identify suitable partners, and how can you make sure that your relationship is mutually beneficial, long-lasting and sustainable? This session will be led by Janine Coomber and Kimm Sutter from Kent Innovation and Enterprise (KIE). KIE is the sister service to Research Services, and provides help and support in forging links outside of the University to exploit the findings of your research.