Friday, 26 September 2014

Getting Interdisciplinary Work Published

Inter-Multi-Supra-Cross: grappling with definitions
I’ve talked about the difficulty of interdiscipinarity before (for instance here, here and here; no yawning at the back), but on Tuesday I was at a British Academy funded workshop for early career researchers (ECRs) which wrestled again with the subject. And you know what? There were signs of hope.

I want to focus in particular on the potential for interdisciplinary publishing, and especially the work of Sarah Campbell and Rowman and Littlefield International. Sarah is Editorial Director of this new, small scale academic publisher. She’s done her time in academic publishing, and worked at Continuum for a decade before starting RLI. Whilst it’s linked to a big sister in America, it is editorially independent, and being so has allowed her the freedom to start from scratch and think about how interdisciplinary research can best be served.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Supporting the Cinderellas of Science

Vitae: Healthy and delicious
Last week I went to the Vitae Conference in Manchester. Many of you have probably not heard of Vitae. It sounds like some kind of healthy sunflower-based butter substitute advertised by people wearing white and laughing as they eat toast and give each other piggybacks. But actually Vitae fulfils an increasingly important function in modern higher education. It offers succour to those cinderellas of science, fixed term researchers.